What is Monthly Optimization for my website

Simply put, Monthly Optimization is a process where we devote a period of time to your site each month to make sure everything is running smoothly as well as check how your website is fairing compared to actual searches being done to find your site.

So, what is it that we do for Monthly Optimization? First and foremost, we update plugins which we use on your site to make it uniquely yours as well as protect and optimize the site. We also make sure the software and theme are current. Then we go to work on your SEO by adding words, photos, videos, new blogs, changes that make sense to attract all the search engines to your website. The most important thing is that each month we are doing something and making little changes here and there. Yes, Google likes that. They like to see changes on your site. It doesn’t need to be every day or every week. Just once a month is VERY IMPORTANT!

So how do we find out what to add to your website to build your Monthly Optimization? Sometimes, it’s just asking you what you would like to see changed on the site or receiving a note indicating that you want to add some information*. When you don’t have anything to add we turn to some tools that provide us with actual facts about when and for what your website is coming up in searches. Doesn’t mean you are coming up on the first page but it does guide us with the right keyword phrases that will move you up in those searches. It’s information directly from Google. Recently, we set up keyword phrases for a new client straight from the Google Search Engine Console. My feeling is it will give us better feedback than had we asked the client to give us his feedback. It’s sort of like reverse engineering the research for keyword phrases. Another tool we use to check your own website is called SEO Quake. What this does is provides us with the check and balance to make sure we are matching what is provided in the Google Search Engine Console. 

Our Monthly Optimization program is a very unique way of checking on the effectiveness of your keyword phrases. Yes, we could take short cuts with tools like Google Analytics and Yoast but, frankly, this actually is how people are finding you and I can’t justify providing you with information that you can’t replicate. The way I see it is a search is proof. Oh, and for those living outside of Berks County, rest assured we take all measures to make sure when doing the searches that Google has no idea where we are living by using what’s called the Private Window” on Firefox. You can use that, too. Try it. Go to the three dots to the extreme right side of your search menu bar. Click and you will see that you can choose a “Private Window”.

*About adding information, allow me to stress something here that is very, very, very important. If you find an article or information on another website that you would like it included on your site, leave it there and link to it. DO NOT INSIST THAT WE NEED TO USE SOMEONE ELSE’S CONTENT. Google frowns on that. Instead write your own words describing whatever it is and backlink to their article.

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