Why Should You Encourage People to Engage?

In our last blog, Engaging with Your Audience, we covered why and how you should engage with your audience. In this blog we want to discuss why you should encourage people to engage with your content.

Do you often wonder why you have so few interactions with your posts? While many people can view your post, only a few may actually consider commenting. That’s why you need to take extra steps to encourage people to engage with your business!

The more interaction your post receives, the more engagement and reach it will have. This means you should encourage your audience to react, comment, or share your posts daily! Try not to spam their feed with the same message. An example might be, you are viewing a lot of videos on YouTube, you may have seen a video where the creator asks people to like, comment, and share the video. In a sense, this is the same thing you want to do.

A creative way to ask for reactions and shares might be to ask them questions in posts where they may want to express their opinion. It could be simple and minimal questions such as, what’s your favorite movie right now, how are you doing, and what do you like doing on the weekends. These questions may seem unimportant, but it is a simple way to engage with your audience to have them share their answer and drive more engagement.

At times, you might want to include more important questions. These questions should focus on receiving feedback about your content and what your audience wants to see next! Ask them what they thought about your blog or what they want to see next. This could even give you more ideas of what you want to work on for the future. See what works best and hopefully you’ll get some slight increases in engagements on your posts.

It isn’t only a direct question that can drive engagement on your post. Quality content that has messages or information for your audience can be enough to generate comments or questions. Not every post will be a smash hit. Always make an effort to provide a message for your audience to trigger engagement.

If you’re having trouble getting your audience to engage with your content or you need help figuring out what to post, let us know! We know writer’s block can be a major obstacle. We can help.

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