Google Ads - Overview

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the newest and most innovative ways to advertise your business online and increase your website traffic. Here at Interlace Communications, we’ve witnessed the ever-changing dynamic of the marketing industry and how businesses are adapting to new marketing techniques, more advanced technology, and the similar. One great thing about Google Ads is that you only pay for the results you get, nothing more and nothing less. This accounts for whatever marketing goal you have in mind, which can be an assortment of ideas that can be prioritized within your own account. Businesses of all sizes found in every industry can benefit from utilizing Google Ads in their advertisement strategies! Some well known businesses that already use ads include Lowe’s, Amazon, Comcast, Microsoft, and dozens more.

Yes thanks for your work there. I’m staying busy so whatever you guys are doing it’s working.

Jason Horvath

I had a customers tell me they found us through a local search. So thanks for your work each month.

Lolly Lesher

What can you achieve with Google Ads?

Google Ads gives you the opportunity to extend the reach of your business and expand your intended audience. For any business owner, Google Ads can help you tackle the goal that’s on the forefront of your vision. This can include:

  • Increasing Customer Calls
  • Increasing Website Sales or Sign-Ups
  • Increasing Customer Visits (Physically & Digitally)


If you want to truly market your business in the digital world, you should look into using Google Ads for your business services & products. With a mix of both Google Ads and improved search engine optimization (SEO) in your marketing strategy, you’ll be able to have your business appear on the front page of Google and elsewhere!

How does it all work?

With your own input on crucial settings like advertisement location, daily budget, and more, we’ll be able to help you decide where, when, and how you want your ads to appear for users. We’ve even helped clients who reside here in Pennsylvania market their online services across the country!

Google Ads may sound like a confusing implementation at first, but we’ll be able to help you take control of your ads to fulfill your desires. We’ll also provide you with a monthly report to update you on how your ads are performing and what we’re focusing on. Your communication is valuable to us when determining what direction we decide to take your Google Ads.

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