How to be found on Google in a sea of websites. Interlace Communications in berks County PA can help you.

How to Have Your Website Be Found On Google in a Sea of Websites

When it comes to building a website, you can’t just build it and hope it will start coming up in Google Searches. Having your website be found on Google takes time. Generally for a new website build, we find it takes about three to six months, before it begins to appear on the first page for the keyword searches.

Many people ask us why this is, your site is one in millions upon millions of websites on the internet. With that, everyone is trying to get the first position  for their keywords. This is why it takes time and energy to be found on Google.

In this blog, we’re going to share three ways your website can be found on Google in a sea of competition.

Positioning Your Business for Organic Searches

When being found in organic searches, it’s all about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We like to describe SEO like the Match Game. As a reminder, for the Match Game you need to turn over a card and remember where it is so you can find its match and win when you have the most matches. Just like the Match Game, what you are trying to do is match the content on your website to what you feel will be the best keyword phrases potential clients will use to find your website. The better you do at matching the searches to your website content, the better you will move to the first page.

Something you can do on your website to better help your keywords to be found is blog writing. Watch for our upcoming blog on “Blog Writing” for more details on the does and don’ts of blog writing or should you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Google My Business Profile – Get Your Business Online

Google wants to help you be found and one thing they offer is a FREE profile. This profile is used to help you be found on Google Maps as well as searches. If your business has been in business for several years, there is a possibility there is a profile already created for you. All you will need to do is simply claim it. It’s very easy to claim it, check out our blog on “How to Claim your Google Listing” and everything you want to do within your Google listing to utilize it to its max!

Google Ads

Yes, this is a paid service, but we find Google Ads work really well for websites that are brand new or for keywords that need help getting to the top of the page. There are two types of ad platforms: Google Ads Expert Mode and Google Ad Express. Below is a chart that shows you the difference between the two:

Features Google Ads Ad Express
Detailed metrics and reporting YES NO
Automated Campaign NO YES
Require a website or landing page YES YES
Full ad format YES NO
Specify business category and location NO YES
Specify keywords and demographics YES NO
Bid on keywords YES NO
Ease of use NO YES
Personalized targeting YES YES
Ability to choose search types (Google/Partners) YES NO
Control over budget YES YES
Monthly Minimum Budget of $100 YES YES

This is just an overview of the differences between the two platforms. Watch for an upcoming blog on more information about the two Google Ad Accounts. Should you find you need assistance in your preexisting account or need help setting one up, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Interlace Communications we are here to help you build your website and to be found on Google. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in any way with your website and how to be found on Google.

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