Are You Ready to Reopen?

As states start to slowly reopen and many businesses can open, while staying within the guidelines, you want to make sure your customers know you are open and ready to serve them! Being proactive with announcing your open and what you have to offer, will help draw more customers your way. We wanted to share with you a few things you’ll want to do to announce you’re open.

Banners & Signs

People need to know you’re there and that your business is reopen for business. Have a banner or sign created to show you are open. If you’re a restaurant, you want to make sure your banner or sign includes if you are offering take out or delivery.

Turn To Your Repeat Customers

If you have customers that already love you, spread the news to them! Through flyers announcing specials to email marketing, let your repeat customers know about your specials or products. Encourage them to share your information to their friends with an incentive of sorts.

Restaurants You Need Menus!!

If you’re a restaurant make sure you have paper menus that you can include with every order that leaves your restaurant. Include a coupon to encourage return customers. Also, if you have an outdoor seating area, and will be providing the ability for your customers to enjoy a meal at your location, you want to have throw away menus that are one-time use.

Utilize Print Publications

Many local papers are not only printing their publications, but they are also all available online. Utilize their circulation to help spread the word about your business and what you have to offer.

Get Postcards Out

The USPS offers the ability to send out postcards to certain routes within towns through their Every Door Delivered program. This is a great way to hit potential new customers within your area, at an affordable cost.

If you need help getting your name out there or need design assistance, we are here to help! Contact us today and let’s discuss what would be best for your business.

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