Benefits of Using Hootsuite for Social Media Scheduling

Social media is a major part of marketing your business and creating a vision for your brand. Hundreds to thousands of people see your business online so you want to be able to keep up with your social portrait. One tool that is efficient and helpful to use across multiple social media channels is Hootsuite!

These are the benefits of using Hootsuite and the reason why we recommend using it!

Track Social Media Channels
It’s hard keeping up with all the different platforms your business may be found on. Hootsuite allows you to keep your eye on multiple platforms at the same time! This means you can check in on major platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, but at the same time look at other platforms you may be just beginning to use. This includes the ability to schedule posts for certain channels, engage with your audience you have on each platform, and hold all your social content in one place!

Connect with your Audience
Besides scheduling posts, you can even converse with and support customers that may initiate a connection with you or have a problem about a product or service. Instead of needing to open various windows and log into multiple accounts, you can use Hootsuite as your home hub to not only reply to individuals, but to also track your audience across each platform.

Involve your Team
If you think you need to manage Hootsuite alone, you’re mistaken! It may be tricky to learn at first. Once you learn it you can bring your team into the mix to help manage your social media and provide a single voice for your social media message. One key detail when inviting other members on your team is that you can not only work together with them, but you can set up a mini calendar of sorts for tasks you’ve given them, you can make sure they’re working on the right content by locking access to areas they don’t need to be, and you can communicate together to help improve workflow and connect ideas!

Hootsuite provides several payment plans for you to choose, along with a free trial for the first month if you want to explore the “professional” or “team” option! Before you make any final decision, make use of the free trial and compare the different plans they provide to figure out which one fits your needs! Let us know how it goes and if you have more questions about Hootsuite or how to manage your social media profiles contact us to discuss your marketing strategies!

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