Importance of Proofing and Proofing Tools to Utilize

As youth, we’ve always been told to check our work and proof-read. You may recall hearing it for the first time in English class during your early years of elementary school. Well, guess what? That phrase hasn’t changed and when marketing your business and sharing content it is just as important to remember to double or even triple check the content you plan to share publicly.

If you haven’t been proofing your content, you need to re-evaluate the process you’re following. Nothing is worse than searching online for a specific topic, and the blog or post you come across may be littered with errors or mistakes.

Proofing is a sense of ensuring your work is up to par. You take a sense of accomplishment in the content shared. Just as you write the content, you should be thorough in checking for any errors.

Luckily, you don’t need to simply rely on the minimal built-in tools provided by Microsoft Word or Google Docs. There are plenty of tools online that can make it fast, easy, and efficient to check your work. Don’t forget though, having your team members preview content beforehand is a great idea to receive feedback or thoughts to improve your work.

Below is a look at two proofing tools that can be used online. Some may provide upgrade plans depending on what you’re looking for.


Grammarly is most likely one of the easiest proofing tools to use. You can simply copy and paste in the content and it will evaluate the work and highlight errors and adjustments that may be necessary. It even goes further by providing different tones it can search for and can make corrections while writing emails, social media content, or other projects!


Another unique tool is Hightail. Hightail allows you to easily collaborate with other users and work together. In one location you can share your files and team up with friends or coworkers to work together on a project at hand. This tool also includes the ability to manage what projects your team is on task, the ability to work with mobile devices, and multiple plans to choose from which upgrade storage and add more features.

There are plenty of other tools on the market, but these two are some of the most well-known and highly rated tools that can be utilized for your proofing needs.

Having a writer’s roadblock? We are also here to help you determine what you should share to market your business. Give us a call.

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