What Does 2015 Have in Store for Social Networks? Visual! Content! Money!

by Alyse Mitten

As I was preparing for this month’s column, I thought it would be a great idea to share what is being said by other Social Media Experts throughout the cybersphere.

It’s no surprise that social networks continue to find more ways to monetize their networks and make it more difficult for businesses to organically reach their audience through quality posting. A part of me laments over the whole dynamics of Facebook boosts. Think about it. They insist that you need to boost your Facebook posts to increase your fan base and then, once you build a fan base, if you do, Facebook makes it difficult to have your organic posts be seen. What is wrong with that picture? Does every post need to be a boosted? And, what really is a fan? Is it a sale? That’s why I find it amazing how business owners have no problem spending the average of $20 for the potential of reaching 2,000 to 3,000 possible fans that maybe will become a fan. Yet, disregard the same amount of money to be spent in print for 30,000 people to see their advertisement, which has a more direct sales experience. It’s just my reality check! I know it is a necessary evil with Facebook. My word of caution on budgeting to market on social networks is to know what you are buying, and create a goal on results. I know for us as a social media management company, it certainly will change the way we work with our clients to market their businesses through social networks in 2015. Now, with all that said, What’s in beta right now with Facebook is the ability to add a “Buy” button to your posts. Now, that makes more sense to me. I’m looking forward to testing the Buy button myself, and write a future column about the results.

Next, get busy with those video cameras and smartphones! With more and more of the social networks providing an environment where videos are accepted, we’re going to see digital network marketing take off. Facebook and, believe it or not, Twitter are making a major impact with video marketing to the point that YouTube is beginning to see a decline. Continuing with this theme, it’s time to include SlideShare and Reddit as social networks of choice for your business. I never thought about these two as social networks but, hey, why not. If there is a social network out there that benefits you to get involved so you can be found through SMO (Social Media Optimization) I say, “Why not? It is all about repurposing.” I find it interesting that Reddit actually has a website just for those subscribers who want to see videos. It’s Reddit tv. That’s how important it is for video to be seen.

Content is still King… wait, that’s not how I say this. Relevant, timely content is king. We will continue to see this building to the point that by 2020 there will be a 600 percent increase in content online. And, frankly, I think, like others, that this number is very conservative. As more eBooks continue to emerge from self-published authors, the internet will continue to build with content.

How are you planning to use social media marketing as part of your marketing plan for 2015? I know for our clients, we will be educating them on how to incorporate videos into their messages as well as monetize those posts to sell products as well as build their fan base. We know this is so important that we have created a class just to focus on social networks like Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram that focus on sharing videos and photos. Make it a point to include them in your social media marketing.
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