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The Importance of a Subject Line for Email Campaigns

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When working on creating an email to send to customers, one of the most important parts of the email is the subject line. You need to think about how to engage with your audience to encourage them to open it? Most times, this most important part of an email is overlooked and all the focus is placed on the message within your email.

Are you curious as to why we make this statement?

We’ll let you in on some information to help you realize why the subject line can be considered the most important part of your email and how to create them.

First, what do you think your recipients of your emails will notice right off the bat when receiving your emails? The parts of an email that land in your inbox and can be seen are: the sender of the email, the subject line, and the preheader. The subject line should provide a minimally worded phrase as to what the email contains. It should be interesting enough for a person to want to open it. Also, such as the little brother of the subject line, the preheader is presented to help support it. When typing up your email you definitely don’t want to overlook these two crucial parts.

One rule we follow here at Interlace Communications is ‘The Rule of 3.” The first three words in your subject line should be riveting enough to push an individual to open the email. If you use a boring line that you may use several times such as “Our Monthly Newsletter,” the recipient is likely to trash it. Remember, although you want a compelling subject line, don’t make it too long. Often, the user will be viewing their inbox on a mobile device, which pushes you to find that “short and sweet” phrase.

If the individual isn’t convinced enough to open the email already, they will read the preheader to gain further insight. Although it acts as a little brother, it’s important to help clarify what’s contained inside the email. However, don’t summarize the email entirely. Remember, you shouldn’t simply copy and paste the subject line or change out a few words. Create a preheader that works together with the subject line to push them to open it.

You can even ask a few family members, friends, or coworkers what they do when checking their inbox. It may seem like a small part, but you’d be surprised to hear how many may check the subject line and come to a decision of reading or trashing it right then and there. If you have any more questions about email marketing or need help creating impactful email templates, contact us today!

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