Build right! Drip and Post Often

When Paul met with me the first time, he had an adequate website but it wasn’t producing the traffic he was looking to reach. He also had an email engagement in place but was lacking in the engagement part of it. His social media presences was nonexistent.

Build Your Website Right for Marketing…

As we built his site it was apparent he had a great product which could be turned into a fillable, downloadable document that people could complete online. We also identified several key topics that could be created into videos. While working on the videos, Paul discovered a way he wanted to introduce the fillable document. We went to work on all the pieces of the site. While working on creating a gateway system where people would come onto the site, view a whiteboard introducing the document, we began to build an email drip program to help engage with those downloading the document.

Create An Email Drip Program …

The email drip program began 24 hours after they signed up for the document; two weeks later another email to see how they were doing; one month later a stronger email to check on their progress and provide more details about Paul. Along with the specific emails there were also ways to drip relevant information to educate them about other products and topics.

Let’s Get Busy About Those Posts …

email drip, social media plan, business planningWith the website and email drip program in place, we moved onto choosing the right social network to promote the business. Paul’s potential clients were identified to be between the age of 35 to 60; within 25 miles of his location; male and female; employed with retirement accounts. No need to concern ourselves with talking about business. We began to work on building our presence on Facebook by creating a business page. We built the interest to the page from inviting those he knew on Facebook, through his email engagement, as well as, having others within his circle invite friends as well.

Then it was the message we wanted to send. With our arsenal of videos and content, it was easy to create a variety of engaging posts and boosts. Yes, boosts. Our goal is to reach out and build an initial following of 200 fans. With the right message, our videos, and interesting content we will create a buzz and get them into the sales funnel.

With this online triad in place, it will become your online marketing arm to help drive new and current business to you. Once built it is important to continue to make changes on the regular basis to your website in the form of blogs and relevant information, send out email drips on a regular basis, and become involved with your social media audience on a daily basis.


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