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Business Type : Clothing Shop

home page above the fold of mcginns school apparel

how they came to us

Established and family-owned

Peter and Dena Kowalchik came to us with McGinns School Apparel and its website already established, but showing some age. They wanted an updated website that could effectively sell their inventory to their audience of private school parents. They had a brick-and-mortar location where they frequently allowed customers to order online and pick up in store, and the serious parents ordering these uniforms needed a seamless experience whether in person or digital.


what we provided

Simple and clear shopping experience

They wanted a cohesive theme of bright and simple green and white, as well as a simple way of adding announcements themselves. We ensured they understood how to update the home page to include announcements or seasonal greetings. We also kept the theme of bright green clovers around the site.

As an e-commerce website, they required frequent adjustments and fixes to ensure the shop and customer experience ran smoothly. They held frequent sales, specials, and seasonal product focuses that we set up, monitored, and improved to help them make more sales. We established a system to ensure sales started and ended cleanly and customers received notice about them.

To improve search result performance, we included meta-data in all products that helped make the item look more appealing to parents without confusing or frustrating them.

products and filter mcginns school apparel
product details mcginn school apparel

how they're ending

Clearing out stock and aiming for retirement

Partway through 2023, Peter and Dena Kowalchik made the decision to officially retire and close the store. However, they had inventory left over from the previous year and wanted to sell as much as possible before closing. We aided in updating their inventory manually to only include items they still had, and adjusting features on the website to align with the sunsetting.


Pete and Dena are now happily entering retirement

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