Learn about Facebook and Instagram Shops

Online shopping has become bigger and more adaptable over the past few months, and now Facebook & Instagram are getting in on the action by providing a simple and free feature to help sell your products. Let’s dive into how this shop feature works and why it’s a great step forward to provide your customers with the convenience of shopping where they are.

Let’s look at shops on Facebook and Instagram.

The feature provides you the functionality to sell on both platforms from one easy to manage location. Along with managing your shop in one place, it provides you with the ability to customize your shop how you want so you can reach customers around the world. We’ll cover some parts of how the shop feature works for you in slightly more detail.

If you want to create your own shop, you’ll first have to check out the commerce manager on Facebook, which should prompt you to fill out required information to start the set up. Commerce manager will also be the main place where you’ll manage your sales, data, and other options later on.

Commerce manager also lets you create collections, which is an important feature to not only pull customers in, but also help them find what product they may be looking for. Collections allow you to set a title name, a description of what’s found in the collection, and cover media which lets you provide photos of different products within that collection. Once you’re satisfied with the collection you made, it will be checked through commerce policies and will take about 24 hours to be reviewed.

Once you create a collection, or even multiple collections, this is where you’re opened up to a wider availability of customization options. In commerce manager, you can edit the layout of the collections shown and edit the style of your shop for others to see. You want to edit your shop to look attractive, but also match the type of business you’re presenting yourself as. The commerce manager is the main location for all of your shop options and customization needs.

We recommend linking your Facebook shop and Instagram profile to provide a user-friendly experience for potential customers across both platforms. To target more individuals, linking your accounts allows them the opportunity to find your business if they reside on a specific platform or use one more heavily than the other.

This is a quick and easy overview of what Facebook and Instagram shops are. For more information, contact us to assist in taking a deeper look into more in depth details and step by step guides to getting started and creating your shop. We’ll help you to learn more about their unique features.

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