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Website & Sales Funnel Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our website and sales funnel package? Check these Frequently Asked Questions to learn all the details about our builds. If you still have questions we haven’t answered, reach out to us and we can go into further details.

What happens after the first year?

How long does it take to build my site?

We have a rule that all websites go live within four months from the time the build begins. It can be one month or two month and will be definitely four months regardless of where we are with the build.
What this means is that if a website has begun to be built January 1st, on May 1st the website will go live regardless of whether all the pages, posts, and products are in place. The pages, posts, and products which are not complete will be placed into draft until the content is received and be completed within our monthly optimization program, making it possible for the website to go live and be presentable to visitors.

At Interlace Communications, we make every effort to adhere to deadlines. Sometimes, for whatever reason, we are unable to obtain the content needed to complete the site within a timely fashion. When this happens, it becomes necessary for us to proactively help you begin to be found on the cyberspace and place the site into monthly optimization (MO). The changes which need to be made to the pages in draft become part of MO and additional costs are incurred. In other words, they are no longer part of the build of your website.

What is Monthly Optimization?

Monthly Optimization, or MO for short, is a monthly system we provide where we manually conduct searches of keyword phrases for your website to find out how you are performing with organic reach. A report is sent to you each month showing where you are lacking in traffic on the first page of Google. Along with the search (which is just one part of MO), we physically go into the Administrative end of your site and update CORE components, themes, and plugins. From time to time you might have some simple changes to the site and not have the time to do them, MO is the time when we can make those changes for you.

This is an example of the manual searching we do with your Monthly Optimization time. We create a list of keywords based on your current services and locations and put them in Google to see where they are found. Ideally you want to be on the first page, but anything after the third page will likely never be seen by people browsing.

The keywords that cannot be found on the first three pages are in red as that’s something that needs worked on via blogs, revising wording on the website, or other work.

Keywords with a page number and a white background are on either the second or third page. This means there is progress in improving SEO and/or the words aren’t in bad shape.

What we try to get you is keywords with a green background. The green background with the number means your website is on the first page of Google results for that phrase. Our goal is to get you to green on every keyword and keep you in green.

What is SER or Search Engine Registration?

As we build your website it is not visible to the search engines for a reason. We don’t want to confuse the heck out of the search engines. When you’ve approved the website and it’s ready to go live, that is when our work begins. We go through a process where we register your website to the major search engines, set up your Google Analytics accoun

t as well as your Google My Business account and the Search Console that connects to it. There is some techy, geeky stuff that happens and there are some activities for this that will involve you.

What is involved in training?

We appreciate DIY clients who like to make simple changes to their sites and leave the tough projects and SEO to us. We have a series of training videos from start to ecommerce, which we provide access to following the website build. Clients have the limit of a month to view them for two reasons.

  1. We have found that people procrastinate on watching the videos. By limiting the time to watch the videos we provide a value to making it a requirement.
  2. We are in an ever changing online world and change our videos accordingly. If we didn’t have a time limit to watch them, you would be viewing new material that doesn’t match your website’s infrastructure at the time of the build.
What happens once the website and the sales funnel are built?

That’s when all the fun begins. Actually, the planning will begin long before the website and sales funnel are completed. We will be building out all the channels you will need to promote your website. We’ll create a strategy calendar with you and help you, should you need assistance, to find the right client.

Are there any additional fees that I should be aware of?


Yes, we don’t require you to be on our dedicated server, but do encourage it. The reasons are many and the fee is very, very, very affordable at only $140 a year.

  • We know everyone on our server.
  • We provide free backups for your website. (Important to have.)
  • We provide a free SSL certification.
  • Did I forget to mention — Clean Talk, a spam and malware software to protect your site?

More about additional fees…

Do you think you would like to add more pages to your website? 

You can add pages for a fee based on the type of page you might be adding to the site.

Let’s talk.

Speaking of types of pages, we can create a variety of styles of websites with packages specific to your business category. Add on one of these packages to create an excellent experience on your website.

Need more Sales Funnels built?

We can create additional sales funnels for all your products or services


What happens after the first year?

We provide a Pick Your Own Marketing Plan that provides a variety of marketing packages which includes:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Writing
  • Video Editing
  • Google Ad Management only

Average costs for PYOMP is anywhere from $200 to $400* a month.

Monthly optimization or (MO) continues past the first year and cost is between $700 and $1500 a year.
*Third party company costs are not included (i.e. Google Ad costs).

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