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Why Should I Go Live on Social Media?

Media platforms are always introducing new ways for you to engage with your audience. Overtime, more platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have been introducing the ability to live stream to your audience, whether it be for fun or to cover a topic in mind. There’s been major success in live streaming on popular websites such as Twitch and YouTube over the years. We want to cover why people live stream and how it can benefit you.

Platforms have made it simple and easy for you to live stream to your audience. Even with your phone, you’re given the ability to start a live broadcast. You should consider preparations before live streaming to have a more quality driven stream. The main purpose for live streaming is to attract viewers and show the value of your product and service to them. If they stick around for only a few minutes, it’s worth it.

Not only is live streaming a creative way for you to do something new with your business, it also gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience. If you create a routine of live streaming, this lets you communicate and discuss with users what they want to see and what you may be able to cover the next time you live stream. The biggest obstacle in live streaming, however, is trying to start or keep users tuned in. Not every live stream may work out how you planned, but you can focus on certain information you want users to know or just check in on your audience.

There are plenty of other reasons for you to go live too! You can use live streams to introduce a new product or service you have coming up, promote special events, conduct a live Q&A, demonstrate how to use your product, and more! The opportunity for live streaming is endless, you just have to focus on pulling in users with your exciting idea. Even if users miss the live stream, they can still check it out later when they have more time. You can even encourage users to check out other content relating to the live stream you’re performing, which can let them learn more and get your content more attention.

If you want to drive more engagement for your business, live streaming is a great new idea for you to put in the works. On Facebook, it’s shown that live streaming increases engagement and interactions from users, so what are you waiting for? In another blog, we’ll cover what you should do to prepare for a live stream, but when you’re starting out you can test what works for you. It’s not rocket science when starting a live stream, and platforms provide plenty of further information on how to live stream to your audience.

If you need help implementing live streaming into your business, you can ask us for help. We have experience with Facebook live streaming, so we can help you improve your equipment set up or help figure out more ideas to live stream about.

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