Why is SEO so important?

Don’t know what SEO is? Let’s help you understand about this very, very important acronym. It stands for search engine optimization and it is one of the most important parts of marketing your business online and driving traffic to your website. SEO also includes strategies, tactics and techniques you need to do when creating content for your website. Follow along and we’ll identify what it is, and we’ll explain why it’s important for you and your business.

The main goal of SEO is to help rank your website on search engines.

If your rankings on search engines are good, then that means more users may find your website. When you look up a topic on Google, SEO is playing a major part in what you see. Most of us don’t want to spend much time looking for information online. This means improving your SEO to be closer to the top of a search engine page, or getting on the first page, can benefit your website greatly. SEO may sound confusing and hard to understand, but when it comes down to it, you can improve it easily if you continue to push and create quality content that provides value to users.

How does SEO affect your rank?

When dealing with SEO, there are two categories that will play a part in your website ranking, they’re defined as on-page and off-page. We want to give a general sense of the difference between each category.


On-page SEO is related to your actual website and you can improve this by your own means. This includes the quality of the content you’re publishing, using specific keywords, and improving the speed of your web pages.


Off-page SEO is different from on-page because you can’t directly affect it yourself. It also deals with backlinks that direct users to one of your web pages from another. If more people consider your content valuable and helpful, they may share it with others. This means the more links to your page, the higher your pages may rank in search engines. The best way to improve it is by creating quality content for your audience and having other figures, such as bloggers, creators, and influencers, link to a page of yours for more to see.

You can use other methods to try and get more attention on your website, but most of the users finding your website should be coming from search engines. If you want to improve your SEO, contact us and we can help you make the necessary changes to your website.

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