When will your next client need you?

“You never know when your next client needs you until they need you.”

–by Alyse Mitten


This is one of my favorite sayings. And, it’s true. How many of you with brick and mortar stores and businesses take down your signage when you’re closed. Answer, “You don’t.” You are advertising even when you’re not there. Then, why is it that online businesses or in-home businesses aren’t advertising or marketing online or in print on a regular basis? Your ads are your signage telling people you are in business.When an advertiser calls me to place an ad in MACnet* for a week to see how it works, I cringe and end up refusing to place an ad for a week. I’d rather they go into less circulation for more weeks than to run an ad for one week.

Marketing/Advertising are events not happenings. Events have a beginning, middle and an end. Happenings are just that…happenings.
Marketing needs planning for it to be successful. It also needs to be a marketing mix to include: print, online, radio, television, billboards, networking, face-to-face, and whatever your business warrants.

141*The classified, display and insert network for the Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association.

Visit www.macnetonline.com

for more information on our networks.
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