What’s involved in designing a logo?

What is involved in designing a logo for your business with Interlace Communications?

Find out all the details below.

With the team from Interlace you see we answer a lot of questions but we also ask a lot of questions. Our Discover – Develop – Deliver system will walk you through exactly that.

First, is our meeting to gain an understanding about your business or product you might want to brand. We ask all sorts of questions from type of font you like to the color you want to use. (Oh, you want to learn all about colors and their meanings? 

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What do you want to convey to those seeing the logo?

Once the discovery part is over, we are able to provide you with choices.

Do you want just one conceptual idea or up to three ideas to choose from? What that means, simply put, is the amount of time design may range from $300 to $500 upwards to $700 depending upon what you want. It’s up to you. You don’t have any idea? That’s ok. Let’s start with just one idea and work from there.

Now, to the drawing board. Yes, your logo is not pulled out a line up of line art designs. It is customized. How long that process takes is a matter of a week or two weeks and sometimes even longer.

Finally, the big day has come, the unveiling of the drafts to choose your favorite. If we did a good job on the Q&A well it will be a matter of you saying, “That’s the one.” Oh, there may be adjustments here and there in font, color and design but for the most part we will have created a close-to-ready logo. Aren’t you glad you asked, “What is involved in designing a logo?”

Then more choices, do you want the logo for online only? Online and print? Will you need it to embroider shirts or create a billboard? All these usages need specific file sizes, whether raster or vector, jpeg, png, eps, or even tiff. OK, now I know I lost you at raster.

Want to know more about raster and such?

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As if those choices aren’t enough, what amount of dpi’s will you want? 72 dpi, 150 dpi, 300 dpi, 600 dpi. What do you mean by this? That’s another blog.

Dpi, what is it?

Then, there’s sizes. You’ll need a 20×20 for your favicon. Favi what? We’ll explain that too and the importance of your Favicon with Google when we meet.

Now that you know what is involved in designing a logo, are you ready to get started?

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