What we can learn from Pedro & Wall Drug about eBillboards

I’m sure all of us who have traveled to the Carolina’s on Rt. 95 have seen the cleaver signage advertising “South of the Border.” Yes, Pedro the donkey. We can learn that with a creative message which creates curiosity we can get people to notice. As we traveled in South Dakota a couple years ago, another such promoter, “Wall Drug” did the very same thing. It was interesting how many people who have gone to this area asked if we had gone to Wall Drug. They didn’t ask about Mount Rushmore or Yellowstone. They asked about Wall Drug. How can we use their method with our own businesses?Well, here’s a new word for you – eBillboard. Let’s create a campaign.Several years ago we owned a cute gifts and collectibles store called “Choice Collectibles.” Our Facebook could have had a series of eBillboards promoting the store and it’s products. Our store had Boyds Bears, Willow Tree, and John Shore products along with all sorts of other gift items.ebillboards

This is what could have been our eBillboard Campaign for a week. We could have sent one of these out each day for a week and see which one received the best response.

I think you have the drift. Send your own ebillboard campaign out with five different ideas for every day of the week. See which ones receive the best responses and use then over and over again. That’s what Wall Drug and Pedro do every day of the week. Need artwork created for your e-billboard campaign? Give Kasey a call.

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