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Waze for Business

When discussing online marketing platforms, we all know the usual ones. That includes Facebook, Google, and similar social media platforms. Another platform that is available for you, that may not have thought of, is Waze, the popular GPS app. What you may not have thought of is how it can help get your business’s name out there.

For the average user, Waze is a classic GPS application that also allows the ability to communicate with other users by marking on the map where police are sitting, where construction is occurring, where a car is left, and more. On the business aspect, there are advertisements available on the app that act as “mini billboards” to direct individuals to your establishment. Before diving into more information about Waze, this platform may work better for some businesses than others, so you may need to perform a test run to see if it’s worth your time and money.

With Waze they provide three different advertisement options, with different functions depending on which one you decide to use.


This ad pops up when someone is driving close to your business. If someone clicks on the pop up, it will provide your business name, logo, a short description, and even a button that calculates the best route if they decide to come to your business.


This ad is able to help you stand out before other surrounding businesses. When searching for nearby businesses, Waze will provide more details about your location and you may appear first out of the handful of businesses that are in the area.

Zero-Speed Ad

With this option, it’s only available for Local Plus Waze users. With this your ad will pop up along with a button to calculate the best route when an individual comes to a stop for 3+ seconds near your business. This works well if you’re located near a traffic light or an area with high traffic.

A helpful function of Waze is that you can set your own cost to fit the budget for your business, see your ads in real time and the potential they have to increase the number of people traveling to your location or clicking on your website.

They provide a multitude of statistics about your ad. From our own experience with Waze, they calculated the overall views our ad received, how many clicks it received, and the number of people that clicked on the button to calculate the best route to get to our location. Another helpful tip is that you can set it to only show when your business is open and you can check out the activity you had during the days you were open.

Depending on the business, Waze could be a new platform for you to consider. If you’re unsure about Waze, take a test run and see how it performs. If you have more questions about Waze you can contact us or check out further details on their website. It’s a platform different from Facebook and Instagram which may bring more people into your business! As a Waze Certified Partner we can help you set up your account and get started.

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