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Ways to Market on Google

There are many ways to market your business on Google. Here at Interlace Communications, we strive to help our customers be found through SEO. But besides that, there are also other avenues you can market your business on Google with. Below are a few:

Google Ads (aka Google AdWords)

Several years ago, if someone was to have asked me whether they should advertise on Google AdWords I would have said, “Absolutely not!” There was a time when it was not intuitive and was very expensive.

Then over time, they figured out a way to cater to every size business from solopreneur to corporate America. With every social media creating an ad platform, they knew they needed to make it affordable for everyone. Now, you will find that we are a big fan of Google Ads. The reason we like them over social media marketing is because when you are purposely looking for a product or service, you typically go to Google and search. Seldom do you say to yourself, I think I’m going to search Facebook for a floral arrangement or new fiction books to read. So, if you would go to Google to do those searches, why wouldn’t you advertise right there for your products? That alone is the main reason you would advertise on Google.

Google Jobs

What’s really interesting about Google is how they are narrowing the way search results are delivered. An example of that would be if you are searching for a job. What Google has done is created a Google Jobs platform which provides a fast and easy way to search for jobs. Recently, we were approached by a client to place a job on Google Jobs. Interesting enough, Google Jobs is absolutely free to use. It does take some coding to set up the ads for any job listings you have created and then it’s important to test and watch its performance.

Google Knowledge Panel

Another new vertical that Google is beginning to place a focus on is their Knowledge Panel. The knowledge panel is an information box that appears on Google when you search for people, places, organizations, and  things. It gives you a snapshot of information about what you are searching for. Like Google Jobs there is no cost to create a knowledge panel. You just need to be verified by them to appear there. We can help you go through the verification process.

Google My Business

One of my favorite blogs that is a must to read is “Getting Found on Google.” This goes into a variety of ways to be found on Google. One of my favorite ways for any business is your Google My Business Profile. This one is a MUST to complete. Again, it’s absolutely free and provides all sorts of ways to market your business. Whenever we build a website, one of the items we complete for you is profile. Yes, we do that for a few reasons, the main reason is to be found.

Ok, I could go on and on and I’m sure you get the drift — Market your business on Google is a must! If you need help marketing on Google or just marketing in general, give us a call. We would be happy to assist!

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