SCommerce – Is your online store on board?

We’ve all visited eCommerce sites. But what are scommerce sites? Believe it or not, some of the largest scommerce sites are Amazon and Groupon. Now, all sizes of companies can sell through these means but if you’ve ever worked with them you know there is …READ MORE

Facebook Videos a Compliment to YouTube?

Or, a contender to the social network video market? by Alyse Mitten We have a client who has been on YouTube for more than two years with a YouTube channel complete with playlists. Along with his monthly market updates, he uses it to share news …READ MORE

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Master

Most people would think a person who teaches Social Media Mastery and provides businesses with daily posting to their business page would be on social networks all day. That is not the case at all. If all my clients were located in other states, yes, …READ MORE