Social Network & Blogs — Be Consistent!

Marketing your business
is about being consistent.

This week we’re going to look at a few ideas to consider for  consistency:

Social Network Builds — Do you share a message through your social networks everyday? If you do, good. If you don’t, why not? Those who feel once a day is too much are missing an opportunity to reach out to their fans. You need to be there every day because you never know when your current clients or a new client will need your services.

Print marketing — The same rule applies to print marketing. If you are the type of business which can benefit from marketing in your local paper (I prefer shoppers guides and free community papers), by all means spend the money to advertise. Begin with classifieds. Those line ads are the first thing people will read. Here’s a few tips on how to write an affective ad.

  • First three to five words need to be a clear call to action. They are the need or want of the reader. Make it simple.
  • The body of the ad is the process of fulfillment for the call to action.
  • The close is how to obtain the call to action.


Here’s an example of an ad we could use to  promote our Social Network Builds for restaurants.


The ad reads…

It’s 5:00p.m. I’m hungry. 

Is your restaurant marketing
your specials for the week on Facebook?

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An ad like this can be used online or in print.  


Blogs — Being consistent with your blog is one of the major key components for your website and its a way to provide current relevant information for search engine optimization. Blogs can be short and sweet. They can include photos and videos. If you’re going to blog once a week, then make sure you blog once a week. If you are going to blog once a month, then make sure blog once a month. Whatever you do, be consistent.


Online, Print, Blogs.
Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s consistent.