Small Nudges Make a Difference

marking plan, even small nudges count

We have had the opportunity to work with a team of people who wrote a book called The Art Of The Nudge. Their leadership communication framework, TATN, is used in a variety of ways to help inspire business executives and their business associates to actions that deliver results in a variety of ways. While working with them, I have seen a difference in my own business by making small changes or better described as nudges.

This year, we added a program for those businesses who want to focus on their marketing strategy called “Pick Your Own Marketing Plan.” By meeting with them each month to create a monthly marketing plan, we have seen significant growth for their businesses. It was in one of our strategic planning meetings that a small nudge was discovered not only for the client but also for us. I have been using an automated system to take blogs from our website to LinkedIn Pulse. Little did I know that, although this automated system was great at providing a way to publish the blogs to Pulse, it didn’t complete the very important step of posting it within the client’s personal LinkedIn profile.

So, I set out to test this myself. I sent the very same article via “InShare” directly from my blog on my website and also manually uploaded it to my profile page. The manual upload received reviews, comments, and likes. It was found through LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn Profile, and through Google search engines. On the other hand, the “post” directly from my blog is still off the radar. Needless to say, the small nudge of publishing posts manually will be a big change for our clients who we publish articles and blogs on a regular basis.

Here’s my nudge when it comes to posting on LinkedIn. Post high-quality content that is targeted to the audience you want to reach on LinkedIn. When posting, create posts that help to solve problems, tips and tricks, advice, or teach the reader. They should not be about selling your product or service. Oh, and, don’t forget a photo on the post. That’s very important to being noticed when on Pulse.

Let LinkedIn help you be found. By posting directly onto LinkedIn those articles which gain interest will also be noticed by LinkedIn and be placed as a spotlight in one of the categories on LinkedIn where it will be seen by tens of thousands of readers.

Another benefit of posting directly from your profile is that you can view the metrics and trends about the people viewing them. You can see the likes, sharing, and comments of the posts. You will see how your posts are doing, what the audience demographics are and who is engaging.

Add LinkedIn posts to your marketing regimen to nudge your business influence and consequently create more business.


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