Do you need marketing ideas for Small Business Saturday? Ideas #1 to #5

Small Business Saturday

25 Ways to market your business for Small Business Saturday

November 24th is Small Business Saturday. What are your plans for a successful day?

You need a hook and you need to plan to promote that hook.

A few years ago we owned a gift shop called Choice Critters and Crafts. It was located in the big metropolis of Shartlesville, Pennsylvania. (That’s a joke.) There was no such thing as Small Business Saturday, so I created what I called, “It Pays to be Late Black Friday”. We would open the doors of the store at 6 p.m. and were open until midnight. The later it got the more savings we offered. By 11p.m. our store was filled with shoppers taking advantage of deals of up to 50% off. It was successful and fun. People looked forward to it every year.

It was our hook.

What are you going to do to make Small Business Saturday successful this year?

Over the next few weeks we’re going to provide you with a list of 25 ideas to promote and celebrate the holidays.

Here’s the first five ideas.

Idea #1: Plan to send out a Thanksgiving card to your best customers. No advertisements, no promotions, just a thank you. Want to create your own special Thanksgiving card? Contact us to help you design and print it.

Idea #2: Hold an event exclusive to your best customers and clients. Have it separate from your normal business hours. Make it a breakfast with a product that is only available to them at a special price. Make it close enough to when you normally open so any new shoppers can be curious about what you are doing and your best customers can help sell for you.

Idea #3: Send out a coupon clipper flyer to your mailing list loaded with coupons of savings. With over 40 years of marketing experience in print advertising, we know how to design, print, and market coupon flyers just like the large retail stores. Give us a call at 484-709-6564 and ask for Kasey.

Idea #4: If you’re part of a local merchants group and chambers, create a Small Business Saturday event and combine your efforts for marketing the event.

Idea #5: Create a unique shopping experience like the one suggested above.

Which of these ideas are you planning to include with your marketing plans this year?