Small Business Saturday — Out-of-the-Box Ideas — Ideas #16 to #20

Small Business Saturday Out-Of-The-Box Ideas for your business.

This week’s theme is a few out-of-the-box ideas for Small Business Saturday.

#16 – Give to a Food Pantry or, if four legged friends touch your heart, a shelter for cats or dogs. Ask your customers to bring in non-perishable items and for each item they bring in you take 10% off up to say 40% on one item they purchase. You will feel good, your customers will love you for it, and the cause will be better off because of your business. By the way, remember to take photos when you deliver the goodies and to post it on your social networks.

#17 – Business Card Invitation to Your Small Business Saturday Event. If you frequent networking events, and they have places you can leave behind business cards, create a special one for Small Business Saturday and hand them out like there’s no tomorrow.


#18 – Mini Billboards. Yes, those yard signs you see. Election time will be over and your mini billboard could be the next thing at the nearest traffic light to your business. Just a few words of advice on this, less is more!!! Five lines of text at 120 to 180 point type. Yellow background with black, blue or red are best seen. A picture if possible is good.

#19 – Online Billboard Promotions. While I’m on a billboard theme, take your same idea for the Mini Billboards and create excitement with graphics looking like billboards and using them as posts on Facebook and Twitter. Like South of the Border you can create curiosity.

#20 – A Mascot for your Event. This one is my favorite. How about Santa for the day of Small Business Saturday. Build up the excitement of having Santa on hand for SBS by having elves or Mrs. Claus at your business the week before Small Business Saturday.

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