Small Business Saturday — Ideas #21 to #25 — Marketing Secrets

Small Business Saturday

Ideas #21 to #25 — Marketing Secrets

This week’s theme includes some marketing secrets and tips for Small Business Saturday as well as marketing your business everyday. Some I don’t agree with using and others I actually promote and provide.

#21 – Ladders  

Let’s start with Ladders. Yes, Linking Ladders, to be precise. If all you want to do on Facebook is have a huge amount of likes but don’t care about the return of involvement. Join a Liking Ladder group.
Won’t find me there or ever recommend it to any of our clients. No sir. For our clients, we want quality not quantity, even if it is only 100 or 200 fans. Since I know about it, I feel the need to make you aware that something like it exists.  wanted to share this with you, if interested.

#22 – A Twitter Shortcut

The number 1 rule with Twitter is to follow first and then be followed. But who do you follow? Take a short cut by finding an active company or organization and look who they are following or have as followers. Then begin to follow who is on their twitter following. It’s a great way to build who you’re following quickly.

Make sure to be involved in at least three different social medias

#23 – Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM

16¢ a piece for postage? Yes, you can. Get the word out through a mass mailing of your area with the Post Office by using the Every Door Direct Mail. There’s no mailing list. Just a few rules on printing. Try out the Post Office tool to create a campaign and give Jackie a call to create your flyer and assist you with the paperwork for the Post Office.But wait, there’s a way to distribute for only 6¢* a piece. 

#24 – Inserts. Yes, Inserts.

You thought inserts were only for big box stores? Think again. With a minimum of 5,000* households at an average rate of $60 per thousand households, your distribution cost is only 6¢ per household. Check out MACnet for a list of publications in the Mid-Atlantic Region. They are a great choice for marketing your business.

*Check on the minimum. Your cost may vary based on the minimum rate.

#25 – Remnant Space

Do you know that from time to time publications will offer remnant space? This happens only at the 11th hour of deadline when sales are light. To take advantage of these deals you need to be ready with your ad copy and money. Savings on remnant space can be 50% or more. All you need to do is ask.We hope you enjoyed the 25 Ideas to prepare your business for Small Business Saturday.
Need help with any of these ideas? Contact Jackie at

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