Press On

This week has been all about writing press releases. We’ve been working on sending out press releases for an International Conference being held in Reading, Pennsylvania for a client of ours, African Global Super Center. As I was working on the press releases, I thought about how this could be a great Marketing Moxie message.

Every business has opportunities to use press releases from time to time to promote their business. Writing a press release to publish isn’t too terribly difficult and, if you help, there content writers like Jean Henshaw and Dawn Wivell as well as our own staff.

No, it’s not the writing that is the challenge….It’s getting it published.

So how do you go about getting it published? First, do a bit of research to find the right way to submit an article to the publication who will publish your article. Let’s take a look at the Reading Eagle. If it is an article about a newly hired employee and you want it announced in the Business Weekly, go to their website under business weekly and submit it there. If your business is having a special anniversary, that’s another department and another form to complete. Submit it to the wrong list and your article will go into a dark hole, never to be published. Make sure to follow up with an email or phone call to see if the information has been received.

Have you ever wondered why one press release is published and another is not?

The newspaper is never at a loss for news. It’s advertising $$s that are the issue. Press release, when about a product, will need to be general in nature and, most times, the publication will recommend an advertisement to support the release.

Do it. Why, you say?This is going to be obvious.

By supporting the press release with an ad, you continue to brand the message and provide two types of messages.

The next time you plan to write a press release, find out how to submit it and be prepared to back it up with an ad that will compliment the press release.

Wondering how to submit your press release to online services? Watch for next week’s Marketing Moxie — “Press On…Online.”