Marketing Through COVID-19

It is without a doubt different times. The changes that are happening during the coronavirus pandemic will stay with us and affect our business for more than several months. Keeping your business afloat and profitable during these times may not seem possible some days. But it is!

During this time, our staff has taken some extra time to continue training and learning on how we are to approach the coming months for marketing. If you think marketing is going to be the same after all of this is over, think again. Businesses will be run differently. Consumers will react differently. With this, we need to evolve with our marketing and find new ways to get your name out there.

In all of our training, one thing is consistent, don’t stop advertising! Many of our customers are finding more traction on their online advertising because of the fact that more people are at home and either finding projects they need to do around the house, just making purchases in their free time, or dreaming and planning of things they want to do in the future.

Too Many Calls…
One of our customers is a landscaper, he markets his business on home advisor. He started noticing such an increase in good leads that he had to pause his account because he couldn’t keep up with the response.

Keeping Your Name Out There…
Another one of our customers does permanent make-up and skin care, even though she can’t continue working, when we asked if she wanted to pause her Google Ads, she was persistent in saying absolutely not! She understands the importance of keeping her name out there.

While you may be thinking, my business is closed, I am not making any sales, I can’t really be spending money on marketing. Get creative in finding ways to bring money in now!

Launch The Ability To Purchase Gift Cards…
One of our customers is a local orchard, they recently launched the ability to purchase gift cards online. With these gift cards they are offering discounts after you spend a certain amount. By doing this, they are bringing money into their business now so they can keep their business running, and this guarantees they will have customers coming when they open their summer events.

Even if you can’t afford to spend extra money, take this extra time to do some marketing yourself. One way is to keep yourself on social media:

  • Do a post telling your customers you miss them.
  • Share something that happened in your daily life.
  • Keep your customers updated with changes you are making due to new regulations.
  • Share thank you posts for our frontline workers.
  • Do checking in posts to see how your customers are doing.

In the end, while marketing will be changing as we start the enter re-opening, one thing holds true don’t let your customers (and potential customers) forget your name!

If you find you need assistance with your marketing, contact us today.

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