Killer Subject Lines with Alyse Mitten

Killer Subject Lines with Alyse Mitten

Ignored  or Engaging? Are they Killer Subject Lines?

How are they working  or NOT working  to capture the attention and interest of your audience?

This fast-paced seminar will take a deeper dive into the mechanics of truly effective subject lines.

We’ll cover: 

  • The three keys that make or break your subject line (and how short your window really is..)
  • What works  and what does NOT work  in capturing your readers’ attention
  • Length, brand, urgency and offers  make them work for your subject lines
  • Before and examples that make it crystal clear how to improve your results
Get their attention  get in the door  and get the response you desire. Whether you are trying to get read, realize revenue, increase your reach or inspire referrals, your subject lines are the key to your success!
This is a FREE training session, but you must register!
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