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How to Prepare for a Live Video

If you plan on live streaming, before you jump right into it, we wanted to fill you in on a few key tips and what you can do to prepare. Starting a live stream is as easy as ever, but you still want the quality to be as best as possible, and if you’re a new user you may stumble upon a few issues.

Before starting, you want to be prepared such as if it’s a business meeting. It may not be that serious, but being prepared only improves your chances for having a professional and high-quality live stream which audience members will want to view. Let’s dive into what you can do, first, get started.


Before you even begin, the first thing you need to decide on is the topic of your livestream, especially if you plan on doing these regularly!

Where to Stream

Once you have decided on the topic, the next thing is to decide where you want to stream. There are several platforms you can now livestream on. Depending on the topic may help you narrow down what platform you want to use to stream.

Equipment to use

You’ll want to make sure you have the proper equipment for live streaming. Your smartphone may be just fine, but you can also take it up a notch with higher quality items, which will help you produce a higher quality live stream.

If you want to improve sound and video quality you should consider a few factors. Conduct your stream in a quiet environment, with minimal interruptions or external issues to worry about, such as cars making noise outside or coworkers coming through the door. You should also ensure your internet connection is secure and strong. The worst part of livestreaming is if you start to freeze up or delay while it is going on!

Prepare for Streaming

You won’t be reading from a script, you should have notes jotted down on what you want to cover and have it where you can glance at during your livestream, should you need it. You also want to make sure you’re engaging with the audience. Have a topic that allows you to engage with your users and respond to a few of the questions or comments that you may encounter.

Promote it

Lastly, create hype around your live stream and promote it before it even occurs. No matter how big your audience is, if you don’t let people know, they may never realize you went live if you don’t tell them! Use posts to promote your live stream and even create an event notification that lets users know what date and time you’ll be live streaming. If you repeatedly tell your audience you’ll be going live, it only improves the possibility that more viewers will tune in once the time hits.

Not every live stream will go how you want it, there will always be a few problems to take care of, but it’s better to be as prepared as ever. If you need help figuring out how to live stream, let us know! We can help you prepare beforehand and figure out what material you want to cover to keep viewers tuned in.

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