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How to Grow Your Email List

Email is one of the best ways for your business to interact and market to customers and potential customers. That means for you, there should always be ideas and strategies in your mind to grow your email list. Do you know how to efficiently grow your email list though? We want to recommend a few ways that may help you increase your email list!

There is a variety of ways to grow your email list through utilizing tools and assets available to you and at your disposal. Whether it be as simple as creating a sweepstakes, or branching out to new platforms.

Your Website

First of all, a great way to increase your list is by providing a sign up form on your website. You can even give them an extra nudge by offering them the chance to win a prize if they sign up or a percentage off their next purchase! Taking advantage of your own assets to grow your email list should be your first priority before diving into other methods.


Next, you can create promotions that make users want to join! Before creating promotions, you should acknowledge what your potential customers want to see and who would be signing up. This includes creating sweepstakes users would want to join, activities they may enjoy such as a bracket, or the ability for them to share their opinions and answers with polls. This is an easy way to introduce new members into your email list, but you have to consider if they will stick around.

Other Platforms

Lastly, you should be using other platforms to attract people outside of your general audience. Social media has grown into a huge community, with billions of users spanning across the globe and across multiple different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You should be sharing content on these platforms to attract more users to visit your website and sign up for your email blasts. On a similar note, make sure you track data and conduct various testing to see if the platform is worth it. If you continue to collect and analyze data, this can introduce new opportunities or diminish other ideas you had.

Growing an email list a continued process and is a crucial way for you to keep in contact with your audience and reach out to prospective customers. Be patient. Give all your systems time. At first it may appear nothing is happening, don’t stop. Keep the systems in place and, as you come across new and different options set them up and try them as well. Also, improve some faults you may see on current systems, and keep going! If you need help to grow your email list or want additional clarification on any of the ideas shared, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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