How are your circles?

HOW MANY CIRCLES DO YOU HAVE? 64-Google+-Marketing-and-Branding-Tips-Infographic-150x150

Google+ is about circles of influence, circles for businesses, circles of friends, circles for family.

Google+ has been around since 2011. It’s a little like Facebook, a little like LinkedIn, a little like YouTube wrapped up into one easy to use package. Everyone who has a gmail account has the ability to start a Google+ account and it’s just three easy steps to begin.

Business owners say to me, “Why should I get involved with Google+?” I say, “Why not?” The huge reason to get involved with Google+ has nothing to do with it as a social network but everything to do with SEO. By creating your Google+ Business page, you create the information for Google to feature your business on the map search.

The reasons to get involved go on and on and are much too long for me to write about in this Marketing Moxie.

Let’s sit down and talk about how you can get involved with Google+ as part of your social network plans.