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Business Type : Franchise

Cafe Construction


Own a Coffee Shop website detailing what owners gain

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the client

Hard Bean Coffee needed online support across the US.

Hard Bean Coffee helps independent owners create their very own unique coffee shop anywhere in the United States, and are based in Pennsylvania. They are like a franchise without the drawbacks of restrictive rules and regulations like chain stores. They are coffee business specialists that offer a complete turnkey package that provides new owners with a great base to get started with their new cafe. For over 30 years they have helped over 100 coffee shop businesses to get started. As stated on their Own a Coffee Business website, 'Our mission is simple: We want to help you get into your own independent coffee business at an affordable price.'

The supplies, training and tangible parts of the business set up are handled by the team at Hard Bean Coffee. What they needed was a partner that could provide affordable online setup of their new owners websites and social media. That's where we came in, and after a little bit of trial and error, the systems we have put in to place have benefited many of the coffee shops over the years.

our approach

Unique website design + online support for 6 months & social media set up included in one neat package.

We work with Hard Bean Coffee to create one-page websites to act as a base for online activities and marketing for the new owners. We work with each of them to make sure their menu, offerings, identity, and style are portrayed on their website. Some owners want a large gallery and many pictures showing off grand openings and regular customers, while others want a focus on their history as business owners and descriptions of how they serve the community. We also offer extras to coffee shop owners if they want to expand their website into an online store for ordering coffee beans or including extra services like renting rooms for meetings or get-togethers.

With the build of the website for these new coffee shop owners, we include Search Engine Registration and 3 months of Monthly Optimization where we set up what they need for Google to recognize their website and work towards getting their website ranking on Google search results. After the Monthly Optimization is done, we discuss what each cafe owner wants to do going forward, and several choose to continue working with us for years afterwards.

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the results

The new owners get fully supported, and gain access to our other great services as well.

Each result is as unique as each coffee shop owner we work with. We love seeing the new shops get up in place and what they accomplish. Our work provides them with a marketing platform that continues to benefit them each year. Those that stay with us after the 6 months see even greater rewards because we can guarantee a smooth running online marketing machine that not only fits their unique online presence, but also can potentially perform better as they use more of our supporting services.

The team at ICI would love to help you with your next project too!

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