Engaging with your Audience

As a business, you should be giving your all to interact and engage with your audience as it grows. That’s one of the biggest accomplishments when marketing your business, growing your name, and when you’re just starting out it may be hard to engage with a small audience. That’s why we want to focus on how to find your target audience and what you should do when engaging with them!

Importance to respond to your audience?

It doesn’t only create a better outlook of your business for the individual you’re engaging with, but it also shows others what your response may be. You want to do your best to ensure you’re committed to focusing on what they have to say in a positive and professional way.

Before trying to engage with your audience, are you sure you’re on the right platform?

With the dozens of different social media platforms created, you want to stick to those which provide you with the correct audience. One question to ask yourself is, are you business-to-business or business-to-consumer? If you’re business-to-business you should create an account and business page on LinkedIn, if not you are free to find a social media platform which will work best for you!

Now that we’ve addressed those questions, we can discuss how to interact with your audience.

No matter what content you provide on your social media, whether it be pictures, videos, or a livestream, you should always reply to a question, reaction or comment. Not only is your reply going to be seen by the person who commented, but everyone who reads the reply. This means you should be focused, professional, and concerned with what your audience has to say. If it’s a major issue, you can even privately message them to discuss with them in a less visible setting. Minimal as it may seem, one bad reply could develop into a major issue if not addressed.

Remember, you want to also encourage your audience to engage with your posts and you should use hashtags. Interested in knowing more about hashtags? Learn more at Understanding Hashtags and Why They’re Important.

Need help to choose the right social media platform or to find your own audience? We have experience on multiple platforms and how to reach your audience.

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