Creating Facebook Events

Facebook is one of the, if not the most, largest social media platforms available throughout the world. With this platform comes the ability to promote and create events for others to attend. This is a great way to attract attention and get some information out about your event. We want to share with you how you can create a Facebook event.

Creating a Facebook event is fairly easy. There are two different types available, private and public. The main difference with a private event is that as a host, you need to invite guests and they can accept or decline the invitation. Outside of the invitations you sent out, other users can’t respond or interact with the private event. On the other hand, public events are available for anyone to view and learn about. With both types of events, you’re able to invite other users, edit the event details such as time and date, and promote each one to your own desire.  You can find the events option in the left menu on Facebook and once you click “create event” it’s straightforward from there.

Now that you know how to create an event, what would you use this feature for? Well, there are plenty of events you can promote with Facebook. Personally, I’ve seen car meets, festivals, graduation parties, and plenty more! One of the biggest concerns when creating a Facebook event is monitoring the responses. When a user finds an event, they have two options to respond. This can either be that they’re interested, or they’re going. Although, even if a user responds, we know life can be unpredictable and something may come up or they don’t feel like going.

Don’t worry about users who can’t make it though, if you want a strong gathering, you’ll need to promote your event! Promoting is just as important as setting up the event itself. Besides from posting, there are more ways to spread awareness about your event. This includes creating a hashtag for your event, asking others to help share your event, sharing content related to your event, and boosting your event. The earlier you get started only improves your chance of having a bigger attendance at the event.

Remember, the responses don’t determine how many people are in attendance, you do! Invite guests and keep promoting it. If you need some help trying to promote your event, contact us! We’re glad to work with you and try to improve advertising for your event.

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