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Coming Up With Blog Topics

Trying to decide what you should write your blog about can be difficult sometimes. Finding the right topic that will entice people to read your blog can take some thought, but you also need to view your blog as a way to get more fresh content and keywords on your website. Let’s discuss a few ways on how to come up with a blog topic.


Like we had mentioned above, blogs are a great way to get keywords onto your website. When working with us to market your business, we help to create a list of keywords for your website. Making sure you have a blog that is focused on these keywords can help increase your search engine optimization (SEO) and how your website is found in searches. Through research, we identify those keywords which need support. Then we create topics for those keywords to write an article which is called a blog. It is important to note, that you need to your keyword mentioned a few times within the blog but don’t use it to heavily. Google will see it as what is called keyword stuffing.

Time of Year

The time of year can help you determine what type of blog to write. For example we work with a cleaning company. Their blogs will sometimes be focused around the season and holidays that are coming up. Another blog we work with is an insurance firm, again depending on the season will depend on what type of blogs to write. You don’t want to write a blog about grilling safety in the middle of winter!

What is Happening in the World

A few months ago when COVID-19 was a hot topic, we wrote many blogs for our customers about COVID-19. Be timely with your blogs. If something major occurs that you feel would be good to write a blog for your company with mentioning it, do it. Examples for COVID-19 include cleaning tips on how to deep clean, or for an insurance company what you need to do to protect your business as businesses start to open.

In the end determining what type of blog topics you want to write can come from several factors. If you find you don’t have time to write a blog or your need help, contact us today. We work with many local businesses to ghost write their blogs. We can provide the same for you.

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