Clean Out Your Computer Day, February 11th

How much stuff it hanging out on your computer that can be removed?

When we buy a computer and learn of the endless space they can contain with the hundreds to thousands of programs and applications on the web it can seem like you have an ocean space. Although, with all that free room it can also feel like a lot of unnecessary and unwanted items are floating around after a while. “Clean Our Your Computer Day” on February 11th, reminds us to clean out and reorganize our computers for not just the sake of having an organized space, but also the possibility it can speed up the computer!

First thing before you get to cleaning is checking for harmful files, these can contain trojan viruses, spyware, and many unwanted, but secretive bugs scattering about. To find and eliminate the pests you should look into programs that could be used before and after cleaning is done. 

After that clean up, you’ll want to go through applications, programs, and storage for things you don’t need anymore or are a waste of space on your drive. This can include an old video editing app you only used once, to a game you haven’t played for years. Most programs can be found in the Control Panel under installed programs. Don’t forget to delete photos and videos you don’t want on your computer anymore unless their personal photos you can never get back if you have them physical or don’t care about them, delete them.

Lastly, you should organize the computer to your own liking where everything you need you can find easily and quickly. This could mean creating new folders and moving files around to have a better layout for you when you log back in and search for that game or the music you want to listen to. A helpful suggestion is creating shortcuts to files and other programs you use daily, that way you can open them up right from the start!

Cleaning out your computer may be something we don’t keep in mind, but it’s something that can be very beneficial to you as well as your hardware. It can speed it up while keeping you aware there are no bugs, no duplicated files, and no unused items. It might take some time, you could even split it into segments for the month of February, but it will be worth all the deleting and checking!