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Bots or Nots…over $4.88 of $11 B is wasted in ad spending. Ouch!

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Ok. You haven’t seen much from me in the way of promoting Facebook boosts in my column. Maybe it’s because of my allegiance to print advertising where I know how many real, live people are receiving the papers. No bots there! I cringe when people say to me I spent only $20 for 1500 people on my boost to become fans. Really? Only 1,500 people when you could have taken the very same amount of money and advertised to 30,000 real, live people. Well, enough of comparing notes on print verses online. I don’t even have to defend that fact. You can safely figure that of the 1,500 “people” who have the opportunity to maybe click your ad, there are bots out there, about 50% of them that are clicking your ad, too. Well, that’s only 750 fake clickers. But what if you spent $200 for 30,000 people? That’s 15,000 bots wasting not only your money but also your time and … trust.

These bots are called fake ad clicks also false user accounts and they are out there creating the façade that you’re getting interest to your business. Bots should really be called Brats. They are computer programs that automate tasks to create fake clicks, generate fake user accounts, inappropriate comments, and steal your content.

Bots! How can you tell?

The other day we met with a new client to discuss their Facebook activity. The business is fairly new and their Facebook page had over 2,000 fans in a region which wouldn’t have produced that type of fan base in such a short period of time. I could tell without asking whether he had invested money in boosting the page. What really gave it away was the insights. Of those 2,000 fans, there was only evidence of activity from 50% of the fans on Facebook. The others were nothing more than bots. You can bet his boosting days are over.

So what do you do to combat this?

Well, maybe you want quantity. When meeting with a client I explained what happens and that only 50% of the clicks to their page will be real, live people. He was fine with that. He just want the numbers to compete with others in his industry who are doing the same. Ok, so I can live with that. Then there is knowing how to set the demographic information so you are leaning towards more real, live people instead of bots. Demographics could be a whole other column of conversation.

Good ‘Old Sweat Equity!!!

I’m a firm believer in quality versus quantity and engagement with those who WANT to know about your business. It’s about the messages and engagements. It’s about quality, relevant content in the form of videos, photos, and words! It’s about having a goal and a plan for what you are going to share with those prospects. It’s about rolling up your sleeves and creating real engagement with real, live people.

Is it bots or not bots? That’s your decision.

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