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Business Type : Accounting

ryder and co accounting website home

the client

Your local tax prep & bookkeepers

Ryder & Company offers accounting services including tax prep and bookkeeping to individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania. He also branches out to new business startup help and aiding non-profit organizations.

our approach

Tax day reminders, online presence & advertising.

Ron Ryder’s accounting website was with the company that ran his tax portal and blog, but he no longer wished to work with them. His website was also built a long time ago and needed an updated look. It was still usable, but was clearly outdated and not friendly to younger clients who would expect a more modern appearance. Some other things he requested include cutting down on the number of pages and including something to remind people of tax day.

When rebuilding the website, we organized the pages into groups and compiled brief pages into bigger, organized single pages, like the Tax Services page. This allowed us to improve overall search engine optimization as the pages became much larger and could include a main and several variation keywords. We also expanded the Resources to have all the important info Ryder wanted his clients to have for free. We made use of spoilers to fit many sections of info on one page without forcing users to scroll forever to get to what they need.

As for the reminder of the tax deadline, we made use of add-ons and tools to set up a countdown timer counting the seconds, minutes, and days to tax day. This was placed in several places on the website to constantly remind people of the deadline, and by doing so potentially persuading them to reach out to the Ryder team for help meeting the deadline.

Some SEO issues we worked on once we finished the build include adjusting the website to focus on reaching the focused town locations Ryder wanted to reach. The previous website had been more broad with the areas it targeted, but he wanted to work in particular regions. We also improved the content of the home page, as it previously did not include much text on it. We used content from his services and about pages to build on the brief info on the home page, including keywords and explanations while keeping the appearance and layout Ryder was happy with.

the results

Better user experience

The Ryder & Company website now receives a greater number of impressions on Google as well as more clicks. Their existing customers also have a much easier time navigating through his resources and getting to their off-site portal.

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