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Twitter for your business? Why?

Why Twitter  for Business

When I meet with business owners to discuss their involvement in social networks, I seldom find them using Twitter. Twitter, with it’s hashtags, retweets, and mentions, doesn’t makeconfused_bird sense to them. Well, first of all, Twitter is not really a social network but instead a feed of microblogs. Microblogs are short messages and, in this case, 140 character messages. In the past, they were just messages. Now you can check in and include images.

So what’s the why?

This is best explained as a brief story. The other week, I was teaching a class on “Monetizing Your Online Business.” One of the student’s business was gourmet dog treats. By using hashtags, we were able to find out what was being said on Twitter about gourmet dog treats, ideas for future dog treat recipes, what her competition was saying, and who might be good businesses to follow to discuss possibly selling their dog treats. Do you think she is on Twitter? Yes.
Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn where you can’t reach out to people and businesses you don’t know, Twitter has no problem who you follow.

There’s the why.

Twitter Etiquette

Rule #1 – Follow first.FollowMe

This is how it works. Follow at least 100 people or businesses. Plan who you want to follow. Find a business or person who has the same interests as you, click on who they are following, and, in no time you will be following more than 100.The other day, we were working with a new client on social networks. When we went to their Twitter account they had 11 users they were following. By adding an additional 338 users for them to follow, they jumped to 43 followers in less than 24 hours.

Rule #2 – Thank them. 

You have followers, now thank them for following. When Twitter first began, there were programs and apps to create automated thank yous and confirmations. Not cool. Send personalized messages, if you can.

Rule #3 -Tweet & Retweet

Prepare to tweet when you begin to follow but don’t begin until you have at least 20 followers. When you do begin to tweet make it once or twice a day. Retweet those messages that you want others to see in their feeds. Create hashtags for specific items or events having to do with your business.

Follow, Be Followed, Thank Them, Tweet, Retweet, Participate!


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