Using the Dropbox with Constant Contact

This past week I was asked this question. “I am working on a newsletter and I am trying to link the pictures via Dropbox. Can I do that?”

The answer is yes, by using the public folder in your Dropbox file.

Here is how you do it.
There are two ways to access your dropbox folder:
  • Launch Dropbox Website
  • Open Dropbox Folder

When using dropbox on a normal basis you use ‘Open Dropbox Folder’. Today you will use ‘Launch Dropbox Website’.

Our example is going to be the .mp3 created to promote the mixer held at Off the Avenue with Merra Lee Moffitt and Rick Herbert. This is a screen shot from the .mp3.

(By the way, this is great to use for videos, audio files, and pictures.)



Step 1: Click on ‘Launch Dropbox Website’ what you will see is a file similar to the screen shot below.


Step 2: Locate the Public folder.


Step 3: Upload the file to the public folder, the same way you would do for any other folder in your dropbox.

There are several ways to do this so I won’t favor one over the other.


Step 4: Once in the public folder, click anywhere between the items name and the document description.

Do not click on the items name, it will open.


Step 5: When highlighted, like you see in this illustration, click on copy public link.



Step 6: Copy the public link to your clipboard and begin to share in emails, enewsletter, on your website or anywhere you can share the link.


To see how to use video to promote an event, click the link below to go to Kasey’s public dropbox and view the video.

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