Small Business Saturday – Social Media Marketing Ideas — Ideas #6 to #10

This week’s theme for the ideas on celebrating Small Business Saturday will focus on using social networks to promote your event.

#6 – Facebook Events. As was mentioned last week, you could create a special event for special clients and invite them. Take that one step further and send an invitation through Facebook and if they sign up to attend the event they received something special. Yes, you can create private events and only invite those you want.

#7 – Online Coupon Bonanza. Create a post that links back to a pdf download with coupons that’s on your site. (Yes, you could include it right there but take the opportunity though to take them back to your website and see what’s happening there.

#8 – Speaking of website. Like I mentioned about giving your physical facade a facelift, how’s your site looking? Do you have links to your social network? Is everything working? Does anything need updates?

#9 – Prepare your posts for the holidays, have a theme to them like Advent has themes for each week to prepare for Christmas. Have a theme beginning as early as the first week in November to lead up to Small Business Saturday.

#10 – Photos & Videos on your social networks. Begin to take photos of your most popular items. Send these through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Yes, get them up early.