Small Business Saturday — Email Marketing Ideas — Ideas #11 to #15

This week’s theme is going to be none other than ways to use products provided for email marketing to celebrate Small Business Saturday.
#11 – Create all the different sign up forms available with Constant Contact. There’s dasher and dancer and prancer and vixen…Just having a bit of fun here There’s QR Codes, Text Messaging, Website Forms, and Forwards on each Constant Contact email. Use every single way to sign up people.#12 – List Building. Kim Davis, another Solutions Provider with Constant Contact, loves the list building feature. By using the lists and tags features you are able to send specific messages to groups as small as 5 to as large as 5,000. How does that help with Small Business Saturday? See #13

#13 – Send interest specific emails to your lists. So you’ve created your lists. Now create those emails specific to each list. Constant Contact doesn’t care if you send out 1 or 100 emails a month.

#14  – Don’t forget Social Share. Yes. Every email you send provides you with the ability to send it out through your social networks. By doing this you reach an even greater audience and cross promote to everyone.

#15 – Don’t forget to use catchy subject lines. The shorter the better. A few weeks ago all my subject line said, “Press On”. It was one of the best read articles.

Less is more!