3 Reasons to Claim Your Google+ Business Page

by Alyse Mitten

When I ask the question in my classes, “How many businesses in attendance have a Google+ page,” very few hands go up. The answer is that only two out of 10 businesses who have a presence on the internet have claimed their Google+ business page. Yet, Google has created a business page for you to easily claim. Assuming you haven’t claimed your page, the question is, “should you?” The answer is, “absolutely!”

Reason #1 – Search Engine Optimization
Why would a social network help with SEO? Google loves anything Google and when you claim your page and add content to it you create another source to be found through Google. Google recently announced that they were eliminating Google Local and Google Places to Google+. One important step you need to complete when building your business page is to verify your address. By doing so your business will appear on Google Maps when searched.

Reason #2 – Circles
Google+ creates a way to network to specific audiences through Circles and Hangouts. With circles you can focus the message to the audience. Circles can easily be made for friends, family, business associates, clubs, organizations, and interests. The ideas for circles are endless. Does that sound a bit like you could have Facebook and LinkedIn all in one place?

Reason #3 – YouTube
As I said Google loves anything Google and wants you to do the same, that’s why they require you to have a gmail account to create a YouTube channel. Because of the relationship with Google and YouTube, Google makes it very easy to share your channel to your circles with a simple click. Sharing your videos provides another source for Social Media Optimization.

These are just three reasons to claim your Google+ Business Page. In doubt of whether you have a Google Business page to claim? Do a simple search of your “business name”+ google+. If you have a Google+ page, you will find an example like this one: https://plus.google.com/107726810912808106471. If it’s not claimed? Claim it.