12 Reasons to Succeed

A year of marketing your business using 144 action steps

Sounds like a lot to do each month but is it?

Here might be a typical month:

You are a member of a networking group that means 4 to 5 action steps each month right there. Every day you market your business through one of the social media channels. That’s 20 touches right there. You know the importance of creating weekly posts with your Get Your Business Online profile. This is another 4 to 5 action steps. You let your warm market know the importance of all of our products and services through email marketing by sending out a monthly newsletter. Here’s another very important action step. So, let’s count how many action steps this one month will be. If you counted 31 action steps or touches you are right. 

If you would rather count the action steps by the marketing you do because you want to challenge your business, even more, this is what a month might look like:

  1. Networking Group meetings
  2. Posts on social media
  3. Blog
  4. Email to clients
  5. Attend a mixer
  6. Guest speaker
  7. Write a chapter of a book
  8. Work on preparing an event you are hosting
  9. Business cards printed
  10. Advertise in a local publication
  11. Work on video for 30-second commercial
  12. Send a press release on a new product for your business

Could this be your month? Either way, you do it can work for you.

Keep in mind that balance in marketing is based on a variety of ways to market your business from networking to traditional. Even seasonal businesses need to plant their seeds on those months when it seems their business is dormant. By no means is it dormant.

What are the steps?

  1. We’ll begin the process of building the 12 quadrants of the marketing matrix.
  2. Look over a list of over 700 possibilities for marketing your business.
  3. Choose 12 ways to market your business from the list or from your own ideas
  4. Assign the 12 action steps
  5. Determine tools needed to complete the tasks
    1. Hardware
    2. Software
    3. Employees
    4. Partners
    5. Contacts
  6. Create a budget for each quadrant
  7. Prioritize based on mission and vision
  8. Determine the 12 steps you will do for the month. They can all be from the same quadrant or different quadrants.
  9. Check in with accountability partner on a weekly basis by phone, email or text.
  10. Meet on a monthly basis with the group to discuss results, obstacles, and challenges, and choose the next 12 steps for the upcoming month.
  11. Continue to do steps 9 thru 11 each month.
  12. THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP! Call Interlace Communications
    at 484-709-6564 or email alyse@gomaava.com.

One Simple Fact!!!

Penetrate awareness by using an integrated marketing strategy to your target audience. The more ways the public hears about you the better your chances are for achieving brand recognition, credibility and improving your market share. Effective marketing strategies mean exposing your target audience to your name and your USP as frequently as possible, in as many ways as possible and as cost-effectively as possible… PERIOD!